The Miss Howard Stern Game

July 26, 2011
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard gave a caller named Johnny the chance to play The Miss Howard Stern Game, explaining that Andrea had been presented with several pairs of options and asked if who she’d rather bang. If Johnny can correctly guess how Andrea answered 3 out of 5 times, he’ll take home a cash prize. The pairs, followed by Johnny’s guesses and Andrea’s answers:

A very smelly cab driver or a homeless person? Cab driver. “A smelly cab driver cause I might need a ride one day.”

An eel or a pig? Pig. “Eel in my vajayjay.”

Eric the Midget or Beetlejuice? Eric the Midget. “I would f’ Eric the Midget because Beetlejuice keeps shitting his pants.”

Bigfoot or Gary the Retard? Bigfoot. “I would f’ Gary the Retard because I love him and when I need someone to talk to, he does call me.”

Baba Booey or Jon Hein? Gary. “I would f’ Gary Dell’Abate so I would have something on him to threaten him with if he tries to hurt me again.”