Roseanne Barr's Nut Farm

Roseanne Barr called in to promote her new Lifetime network reality show, "Roseanne's Nuts" ("It's 100% fake reality like all reality."), and denied Howard's speculation that she was a rich woman: "I wish I had one tenth of what everyone thinks I have, but I don't." Roseanne said she's had to raise 5 kids since her eponymous sitcom was last on the air: "That was 20 years ago...I have to work, dude." Roseanne said she now ran a barely-profitable macadamia nut farm on Hawaii's big island: "[It's] kind of just staying even, but that's what I want to do." If it begins turning a bigger profit, she'll turn it into a non-profit: "I want to do something good with it, like Paul Newman did." Roseanne would also like to see less waste and lower prices in the macadamia industry: "It's like some kind of weird subsidy thing...they're just controlling the market."