Tom Arnold on Roseanne: She's High On Pot -- Not Pills

Howard asked if Roseanne missed being on TV, but Roseanne shrugged: "Sometimes I miss it...[but] I like what I'm doing now. It's like free-form ad-libbing." Her new show allows her to party on-camera: "I'm going to be smoking pot on the show."

Howard asked after Roseanne's exes, so she confessed: "My first ex-husband, we have three kids so I talk to him. We have grandkids together so what the hell, you know."

But if she ran into Tom Arnold, she might not be so civil: "It depends. I mean, if he's going to be bitching at me I sure as hell wouldn't."

Howard asked why Roseanne had forsaken her meds, she laughed: "That's when I was with Tom Arnold. After I got rid of him, I didn't need no more drugs."