Pauly Shore Can't Get Booked

Pauly Shore stopped by to promote his Showtime special, "Vegas Is My Oyster," and complained that he hadn't been able to book an appearance on "Chelsea Lately"--Chelsea had passed.

Pauly said he'd asked why, but "she didn't respond. There was dead silence. Like white noise."

Robin told Pauly to give up: "You just have to accept that you're not doing that show."

Pauly shot back that Chelsea had actually passed on him 3 years in a row: "I think it's personal. I think it's something I did back in the day. Like I jerked off on her or some type...back in the day, I was so f'ed up, that I don't remember half the shit I did."

Howard shrugged: "People in Hollywood don't care what you did to them so long as they deem you 'hot.'" And Pauly conceded the issue: "Maybe she doesn't like my style, bro."