Ross vs. Jason Heats Up

Early in the show, Howard played some Wrap-Up Show clips of Ross Zapin arguing with Jason over a photo Tim had taken of Ross's bald spot.

Howard laughed that Ross was originally just upset with Tim, but after Jason praised--on Twitter--a joke Tim had made about the situation, Ross turned on Jason: "So now it's turned into a second argument."

In one clip, Ross could be heard renouncing his friendship with Jason as Jason just laughed: "You are the most sensitive motherf'er." Ross replied that Jason should only start shit-stirring when, like Gary has, "you get another 18 years under your belt."

Gary told Howard that the argument ended with a long silence and bulging veins in Ross's neck: "Ross was going to jump across the console. I think he really wanted to kill Jason."

In another clip, Ross's anger with Jason boiled over: "Have you ever been punched out?...I wish I wasn't working here with you. I really do."

Jason laughed nervously: "Then quit! And then you can beat me up on the street."

Gary then handed Howard a 'bonus' clip--one recorded surreptitiously during the next commercial break--in which Ross could be heard threatening: "I'm serious, Jason. C'mon. Come take a walk. You're a big guy behind the microphone...come over here, mister. big shot."