Jack Osborne Got Ripped

Jack Osbourne called in to promote "God Bless Ozzy Osbourne," a documentary he made about his father, but Howard was more interested in Jack's new look: "Jack was a chubby kid. You're ripped now, aren't you?" J

ack balked at 'ripped' but admitted he'd trimmed down thanks to rock climbing and an hour's worth of 'Crossfit' training every day: "You basically beat the crap out of yourself for an hour and go home and die." Asked if his successful, opinionated mom was hell at home,

Jack said Sharon was quite the opposite: "If anything, she's, um--she's very, like, overly nurturing...I don't buy myself anything. I never go and get new clothes."

Jack said he rarely goes shopping for himself--instead he comes home every once in a while to new curtains or a bag of new, Sharon-approved clothes waiting in his room.