Howard on the Super 8 Leak

Howard commented on his connection to an Internet leak of JJ Abrams's Super 8, denying any involvement: "Supposedly, on the Internet, a pirated print of Super 8--the movie Super 8--with my name on it, with a watermark of 'Howard Stern' on it--was bootlegged and showed up on the Internet."

Howard said there was absolutely no way he could be responsible: "[The screener] doesn't leave my hands...I bring it right back here."

Howard repeated his desire to personally destroy any and all screener copies he receives: "I said to these studios, 'Allow me to--I will put through a shredder.'"

But the studios insist he return them, which is most likely where the leak occurred: "It's somebody in their process." And while Paramount has reached out to apologize, Howard begged off: "Don't send me any more movies. I don't need something like this."