Jonah Talks About Working with Puffy During 'Get Him to the Greek'

Asked about his time filming 'Get Him to the Greek,' Jonah remembered Diddy begging him to bring his friends over and go out.

When Jonah finally relented, he showed up with four friends and tried to cut the ice with the very large bodyguard at the door: "I'm like, 'Hey, did someone order five Jews?' Not a smile. Not a one."

As the two groups bonded, Kanye West and music video director Hype Williams walked in. The crew later headed out to the club, with Diddy clutching a bottle of vodka riding shotgun in Jonah's car: "He's going through my CDs, throwing them out the window, like, 'This sucks, this sucks...'"

When they got to Sunset Boulevard, Diddy started smashing Jonah's leg down on the gas pedal: "He goes, 'Hey man, you ever driven with a gun in the car?'

And his friend in the back goes, 'How about two guns?'" After they'd finished the movie, Jonah learned that Diddy was just trying to replicate their characters' relationship: "He was totally f'ing with me...he didn't say [the vodka] was water."

Awkward Elevator Ride

The pair later met up in Vegas to go out on legit terms, Jonah tried to break the ice in a packed elevator--and blew it again: "I go, 'How about we press stop and all suck each other's dicks?'"

Everyone in the elevator--including hip-hop mega producer Jermaine Dupri--rode on in silence: "I learned a real lesson that night. That shit doesn't fly in the hip-hop community."

It only got worse when they reached the casino floor: "I see Diddy pull Jermaine Dupri aside and say, 'He's usually pretty funny.'"