Tobey Maguire Travels with a Seal

In one of his best calls, Jonah posed as Tobey Maguire's assistant and tried to book the actor a hotel room: "[Because] people are nuts. All they want to do is please celebrities."

Jonah found his sucker in the late night clerk at a roach motel in Santa Monica, telling him that Tobey traveled with a seal: "First of all, he needs a pretty large-sized aquatic tank assembled in the room."

True to form, the clerk honored every faux-request: "The guy's like, 'I mean, we've never had a seal here before. But whatever Tobey wants.'"

Howard said he was happy to hear Dustin was encouraging the stunt, remembering the time he caught his own children making prank calls--and felt, as King of the Phony Phone Call, a very real internal conflict: "I think one time they called Dial-A-Mattress and I was like, 'That's my sponsor!'"