Whitney Cummings Is On the Cusp

Whitney Cummings stopped by to promote her new NBC sitcom, 'Whitney,' and Howard told her what he tells Robin nearly every day: "If I were single, I'd bang you hard."

Whitney said she'd heard: "I would love it. I wouldn't let you wear condoms, though."

Howard hoped she'd at least be on the pill, so Whitney laughed: "Oh yes. I'm on every pill there is." Whitney said they'd make a horrifically anal pair: "You and I having sex would be Purell, baby wipes..."

After Howard suggested they exchanged email addresses, Whitney thought she wasn't ready for the responsibility: "You should not give me your email. Because I'll take Ambien and send photos and be inappropriate."

Whitney later wished Howard had agreed to appear on her show: "I would have made you make out with me and been like, 'It's in the script. We have to do it.'"

Howard noted that NBC was really giving Whitney a big push--a high-pressure push: "If this bombs, you have to go to New Mexico and become a spiritual healer."

Whitney nodded, hoping the show would find its way among the network's laugh track-less single camera shows: "I think people forgot about multi-camera sitcoms."

Whitney In the Bedroom

Asked to explain her avowed kinkiness, Whitney said she liked it rough: "The good solid grab. The grab and pull...the hand-over-the mouth."

She wasn't even averse to gunplay: "I haven't done that yet but I'm sure I would like it."

But she's not a big fan of facials: "That has happened...[but] the second after it happens it's cold." And the clean-up involved is never sexy: "The moment just dies so fast."