Blame It All on 'Ali G'

Seth Rogen stopped by to promote his latest film, '50/50,' and said he got his start at 22 when Sacha Baron Cohen hired he and his writing partner, Evan Goldberg, to write sketches for 'The Ali G Show'--just on the strength of the script the wrote for 'Superbad': "The script existed so it was like our writing sample."

After learning only Evan had graduated from high school, Howard wondered if he was "the brains of the operation", causing Seth to laugh: "If you met him, you might say otherwise."

While at 'The Ali G Show,' Seth and Evan wrote the infamous bit in which Sacha-as-'Bruno' tricked a crew of frat boy spring breakers into performing gay stunts: "I'm pretty sure he hired us just so he could use that spring break bit."

Seth said the spring break bit ended much worse than the cameras let on: "Afterward the guy[s] almost seriously kicked the shit out of him."

Sacha actually had to run from the frat boys, yelling out ("Oh f'! F' me!") the entire time as his 'Bruno' character: "He never broke."