Miss Howard Stern Wants to Talk

February 7, 2012

Early in the show, Miss Howard Stern called in for reasons that were fuzzy at best: “I was calling to say I’m Miss Howard Stern and I somehow have to represent how I love you.” Howard asked after Andrea’s daughter (“She’s not pole-dancing or anything yet?”), but Andrea had a more pressing question: “She ain’t going on no pole. Listen, will you–that Will won’t talk to me. He won’t return my phone calls. What’s his issue?” Howard promised a policy shift before hanging up: “I will instruct him to take your calls. … Will, give her your cellphone number so can reach you even when you’re home and on the weekends. I command you.” Unsatisfied, Andrea called back: “I want to talk to you about something we have in common. Veneers.” Howard didn’t think the topic passed muster: “I’m doing a radio show.”