Benjy's Sloppy...Fourths? Fifths?

Early in the show, Howard noted that Benjy's girlfriend, Elisa Jordana, had previously dated several celebrities, including Vin Diesel, Ethan Hawke and Matt Dillon--though half the women in Manhattan's Upper West Side have been hit on by Matt Dillon: "If you weren't hit on by Matt Dillon, I think you were a tranny." Gary added another name to the list: "And this one's a rumor: Derek Jeter." Robin took a second to put herself in Elisa's shoes: "Wait a minute! What happened to that ride that had Ethan Hawke and Matt Dillon on it? Did I fall off the ride? Did I hit my head?" Benjy had little to add, except--at Howard's request--to explain that Hawke was able to pick up Elisa by simply complimenting her jacket.