Are Cupcakes Behind Tim Sabean's Rapid Weight Gain?

Staff compares Tim's eating behaviors to those of a recovering smoker

Howard read a report about Cupcake Wednesday leading to Tim Sabean's rapid weight gain: "He has a move. He walks by the cookies and the cupcakes and he palms one when he thinks no one is looking and he runs into the bathroom and eats it."

Robin compared the behavior to that of a recovering smoker: "He won't buy a pack. He's bumming. And he smokes in secret."

Howard asked Tim to come into the studio: "I want to liberate Tim. Tim, everyone knows you got fat. It's ok, dude."

But Tim wouldn't come--he dodged Gary all morning. Later, under continued pressure, he moped in and confessed to a 25lb weight gain: "I don't want to be a punching bag. So I gained a couple of pounds! Big f'ing deal!" But he swore ("On my kid's eyes!") that he doesn't eat cupcakes in the bathroom.