Chelsea on Comcast's CEO Ted Harbert

Chelsea Handler stopped by to promote her new NBC series, "Are You There, Chelsea?", and immediately had to answer for her relationship with Ted Harbert, former Comcast CEO and current Chairman at NBCUniversal. Howard thought her status as the boss's girlfriend couldn't have sat well with the staff: "Everyone was against you, I imagine." Chelsea nodded, deadpanning: "Everyone but Ted." Chelsea said Ted was a joke: "He's kind of like that kid in school who yells out the answer before anyone raises their hand. He's a nerdy guy...I thought he was very smart. He knew a lot about TV. And then I moved in and was like, 'Oh my god, I'm gonna kill this guy.'" She left him in the middle of a detox: "He was like, 'Chelsea, you haven't been drinking for two weeks. You're not thinking clearly.'"