Scott Depace on the HTV Elephant Bomb

Jon Lieberman reported a growing anti-Depace rebellion in the HowardTV ranks, so Scott came in to speculate about its leader: "I know Brian [Phelan] has talked bad about me because he takes work issues as personal." Brian came in to admit he'd said things in the past, but has since curbed any unkind words: "I don't talk about him the way I used to talk about him." For example, Brian said he'd had no part in sending Scott a package of elephant shit several years ago--though it was allegedly sent by someone at HowardTV: "He thinks I'm the only one who has problems with him. And I'm not. That's what I'm saying." Brian wouldn't offer any further comment--and Ronnie said an investigation had turned up no leads--so Howard threw his hands up: "I'm surprised anybody over there had enough money for elephant shit."