Pro-Family or Pro-Publicity?

Howard then played clips of reports about his new gig, including several about the "pro-family" groups protesting his involvement: "I think it's funny that the Parent Television Council--[or] the five guys that formed that to raise money--are against me already." Robin expressed shock the organization would debate this "like the debt crisis or something" after David Hasselhoff, one of the show's previous judges, had been videotaped--by his daughter--drunkenly eating a hamburger off the floor: "The Parent Council [sic] said nothing." Robin wondered if Howard planned to promote the show at the network 'Up Fronts', but Howard denied it: "I told them I don't do that. I was 'Up Front' with them when I signed up. I said, 'Look dudes, you know, this ain't indentured slavery.'" Howard also refused to join his co-hosts for a magazine cover: "I'd rather be on myself and let those two do the inside piece." Even promo spots were questionable: "If I'm sitting around and they want to shoot a promo, go ahead. I hired a guy with a wig and a big nose to stand in."