Prove It With a Road Flare

Mark even acted on the things he (thought he) heard: "One time Marilyn Manson was on and you both talked to me. You told me to march around in my underwear and stuff...sometimes I don't know if I'm crazy or it really happens." Howard laughed: "Oh no, you're crazy." Unhappy with the suggestions Mark "hears", like "get on [your] knees and bark", Howard did some fine-tuning: "Put a road flare in your ass." Mark said he often thought Howard was trying to kill or humiliate him: "You told me to go downstairs in these short shorts in front of my sister." She had a hard time understanding: I told my sister and I don't know what she thinks of me. Well, she started to cry." Howard knew why ("She's afraid of you.") but saw an opportunity: "Next I'm going to have John wear culottes to his job." Before moving on, Howard told Mark to seek help immediately: "You need to not eat and take all your food money and go see a psychiatrist. … Find the best psychiatrist in Los Angeles and run to him."