Chelsea Handler Is a Believer

Chelsea Handler stopped by to promote the new season--and set--of 'Chelsea Lately' and to discuss how Oprah made her cry. Oprah had pressed Chelsea to recall a psychic medium who once channeled her mother: "50% of it is true. … I believe people hang around." Howard was surprised that Chelsea bought it ("It doesn't fit you at all."), so Chelsea snapped: "I couldn't believe you went on 'America's Got Talent.' I would think you're too intellectual to be on such a shambolic disaster of a show." Laughing, Howard dived right into Chelsea's sex life--she admitted she was bad at relationships, but great at sex: "I'm not someone who's easy to be with. I demand a lot but I deliver a lot. … I had sex this weekend. Just with some guy. A guy I know from a long time ago." Further, she accepts no substitutes: "I don't masturbate. … [But] when I had a lot of time--when I waited tables--I would just sit in bed and go off on myself."

On Angelina and Aniston

Asked about her friendship with Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea said they weren't ones to talk on the phone: "We email a lot. And then, when we're in the same city, we see each other." Chelsea insisted her opinion of Jen's nemesis preceded their friendship: "I think Angelina Jolie is kind of evil. When a girl doesn't have any girlfriends, there's a reason."

She Bangs Her Guests

 Photo: The Howard Stern Show

In addition to befriending her female 'Chelsea Lately' guests, Chelsea admitted to banging "a couple" of the male ones: "Whenever I'm single, they're like, 'Who do you want us to book?' [And] I'll look at a list of names and be like, 'Get him, get him, get him." 50 Cent fell for it, as did animal trainer Dave Salmoni: "He was amazing in bed. He was like this manly man. He would throw me around. … But he was too stupid to put up with for too long."

Ted Harbert Is Like a Little Kid

Before she left, Howard had to ask how Chelsea felt about her ex, NBC Programming chairman Ted Harbert. Chelsea said she still thinks it's weird they dated for so long: "I like Ted but now I just feel sad for him. He's just so silly. … If he wanted to go to dinner, I'd probably just do drinks." Ted tries too hard to be liked--or cool--when he's neither: "He's just like a little kid who would interrupt everyone in school with the right answer."