Up All Night For 40 Years

Veteran radio host Carol Miller, of the nationally syndicated 'Up All Night', stopped by to promote her memoir of the same name--and immediately apologized for her froggy voice, explaining that she was recovering from the whooping cough: "If you can listen to it, I'll listen to it. I've been off the past week and a half. … I could do Joan Rivers really well right now." But Howard balked, covering his mouth, so Carol insisted she was no longer contagious: she's been on antibiotics for 2 weeks--a good week past that stage. Carol said she'd originally gone to law school, and faced, like Howard, opposition when she turned to radio: "Your father never really thought you were a moron. He loved you. My father thought I was a moron." She lost her virginity, in college, "under pressure"--from women: "The women's lib movement was cooked up by guys to make women think that it was their idea to do this--that they had an intellectual reason to do this."

Carol on Dating Rockers

As she gained attention as a DJ, she also caught the attention of the top 70s rockers. She dated Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley, "a wonderful guy," for a while--and Steven Tyler: "He's a funny person. You know him. He's a sweet guy. But he needs supervision. … I wasn't sure he knew how to use a bank machine." Carol attributed her affairs to nonchalance: "There were no [rock] posters up in my room as a child. I just thought they were good at what they did and it would be fun to go out with them." And their ends to naivete: "I thought every guy was looking to settle down. Even the guy in spandex on stage."