Jimmy Kimmel Won't Let Howard Off the Hook

The King of All Media is scheduled to make an appearance to 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' which is taping in Brooklyn, NY over the next week, but traffic out of the city is a nightmare

Throughout the show, Howard complained about being booked on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' tonight (Tues) in Brooklyn, because all bridges and tunnels connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn were closed: "Jimmy won't let me off the hook … Am I supposed to be on standby all day?"

Jimmy called in around 10 to express his hope that crossing the river would be possible later: "It's pretty clear, isn't it?" Howard said he'd try, "but it could take me hours. [And] really, why are we doing it?"

Jimmy said Brooklyn might not have been the best idea: "Last night, everyone was saying, 'We're going to die in a 3-star hotel.' … We made a terrible mistake." Ronnie then came in to report a tentative escort arrangement "with a badge," which significantly brightened Jimmy's mood: "We can heal the city together."