Bad Ass Beer, Meeting Mitt, and a Sexual Resume

Asked about his new beer company, Bad Ass, Kid said he'd started it when Budweiser and the other major beer companies "sold the f' out at a time when this country needed them most." As they all sold off to foreign conglomerates, Kid saw an opportunity: "I was just like, 'Can't we make anything in this f***ing country?' … I know about music and I know about f***ing alcohol."

Meeting With Mitt

Kid told Howard that he voted for Mitt Romney after Mitt stopped by his house to ask for his support: "Just me, Mitt Romney and one of the aides." After a secret service sweep, Mitt sat at Kid's table--and Kid whipped out a pad and paper: "I said, 'I want to ask you some f***ing questions.'" The experience was one he'll never forget: "To think, I started out in this business to get a hot piece of ass and maybe a new car..."

Kid Rock's Sexual Resume

Before he left, Howard went down a list of Kid Rock's (alleged) conquests, leaving it up to Kid to confirm or deny. Country legend Loretta Lynn: "Of course not." Model/actress Jaime King: "She's still a friend." Sheryl Crow: "Still in love with her. I love her like cornflakes." Jimmy Choo co-founder Tamara Mellon: "Nice girl. Classy girl. Wealthy." Paris Hilton: "That's false." Country star Kelly Pickler: "No. She's like a sister."