Bradley Cooper Hates Film Premieres

Bradley Cooper stopped by to promote his latest film, 'Silver Linings Playbook,' and apologize for Howard's horrible premiere experience: "Premieres are the worst. I should have said, 'Hey, here's a screening, if you guys want to go see it.' I'm crazy about time. I can't stand making people wait. It literally makes me feel sick to my stomach. These premieres, every time you go to them, they don't start for like an hour. And the people are sitting there--the whole movie theater--waiting for the star to show up." Brad said he'd showed up on time for his first film premiere, but publicists stopped him before he hit the press line, telling him to 'go around the block a couple times.' Now, he shows up early, greeting fans across the street, other guests, the press--all before the film's scheduled start: "That ended that first movie. I show up at 6:30. … You're literally wasting someone's life. Who the hell am I to sit and make you wait?"

The Famous Dude Catch-22

Asked why he walked the 'Silver Linings Playbook' red carpet with his mother--and not his (alleged) girlfriend, Zoe Saldana--Brad sighed: "It's [not] so great to take your girl somewhere where a hundred people are going to photograph you every step you make and then ask you a bunch of questions and then pick it all apart the next day. Why would want to do--if I were married, it's a different thing."

Howard played along, suggesting that Brad really just wanted to keep his relationship under wraps: "Of course! You're a cocksman. … As soon as you call her your girlfriend, all of the other pussy stops." Caught between that scenario and his "no comment" personal life policy, Brad cracked up: "You just trapped me and I didn't even know it!"

Lord of the 'Hangover' Trilogy

Asked about 'The Hangover 3,' Brad counted his blessings: "We're in the middle of it right now. I just left [the set]. We just did the Vegas stint. … The fact that we're doing a third one? That it's a trilogy? When we were sitting around and we were like, 'Should the Asian guy be naked in the trunk? And should his genitals actually flap against my neck?' We weren't thinking, 'How do we close this out in a Lord of the Rings-type trilogy?'"