TNA Wrestling: Eric the Former Co-Host

Early in the show, Eric the Actor called in to turn down the 'Two and a Half Men' role spurned by a recently born-again Angus T. Jones: "I don't know if I could pass off as a 19-year-old."

Eric said he'd also resigned from his position as a TNA Wrestling co-host because Howard wouldn't promote it on the air.

Howard asked how he could possibly turn down a paycheck: "This is absolutely retarded. … I thought it was funny. It was funny how bad you were." In turn, Eric fumed: "What the f'? First you criticize it..."

Gary said Eric now wants him to defend him from Twitterers who claim he's gay: "Because I had a gay brother who died of AIDS, he would like me to go on Twitter and tell everyone to stop."

Eric insisted the situation was more serious: "Not only were these people saying I was gay, but they were saying I had HIV."

Laughing, Howard encouraged Gary to help: "You know how Eric's sex life will be affected if people think he has HIV."