Steve-O's Sober Skinsuit

Steve-O stopped by to promote his new TruTV series, 'Killer Karaoke.' Howard thought Steve finally seemed to fit in his sober skin: "He looks healthy. … The last time I saw him, he was sober, but newly sober. You know when a fat person loses weight, they don't look quite right at first? It looks odd. But now you're starting to grow into your sobriety and it looks normal." Steve-O laughed: "Thanks... I guess."

After Steve-O credited his signature voice to esophagitis, a condition brought on by frequent vomiting, Robin expressed surprise: "What were you doing vomiting all day?" Steve-O cracked ("I don't know if you've seen any of my work...") that his addictions were hard on his throat as well--at one point, he was using Special K, PCP, and aluminum cleaner: "It got pretty ugly. There's no question."

Another Jackass?

Steve-O denied rumors of a 4th 'Jackass' movie, but refused to rule it out ("It's not that I don't have it in me."), remembering an unreleased stunt he'd performed with Johnny Knoxville's catheter: "I actually used his catheter as a straw to drink his urine." He crossed his fingers: "I think 'Jackass' has always been in a very good spirit. We've never hurt anybody but ourselves. … I think it's very wholesome, really." Asked about dating George Clooney's ex, Elisabetta Canalis, Steve-O sang her praises: "She's a wonderful girl. … [But] I can see how people find that interesting. I do. If I ran a celebrity gossip Website, I'd run that story too." Steve-O doubted that he was better in bed (Steve is a self-professed premature ejaculator) than Clooney, as Elisabetta never said otherwise: "I never heard anything bad about him."

Running Into Mike Tyson's Fist

Before he left, Steve-O told Howard about the time he spent in a mental ward with Mike Tyson--during Steve-O's second visit to such a facility: "That one was more hospital-meets-country club. … I [kept] saying, 'just hold your fist out and let me run into it with my face.' But it just wasn't the time." Later, Mike made good at the Charlie Sheen roast: "My nose was, like, under my right eye. At least it felt that way."