Howard Re-Signs With 'AGT'

In the 8 o'clock hour, Howard weighed his decision to re-sign with 'AGT.' "My reasons for not going back are 1. It's exhausting doing the show, 2. I literally have no time to myself, 3. the hours are completely opposite of our morning hours."

But still, Howard will be coming back: "It's a pain in the ass on my schedule but everything on my schedule is a pain in the ass." Howard said he couldn't give up the show's unique format: "I believe this is the only show that has this kind of clout for non-singers. … I just find it so refreshing." Robin asked if, as reported, Carmen Electra was being considered for Sharon Osbourne's judging chair, but Howard denied it: "I keep saying I'm not in on these discussions, but I kind of am, and I've never heard the name Carmen Electra."