The 'Halibut 3' Party Guest List

Howard went over the guest list of the third (and most recent) party thrown in his honor by Jimmy Kimmel, noting that they'd become informally known as the "Halibut" parties: "Jimmy called it "Halibut 3," referring to the fact that my Dad loves halibut." Sandra Bullock made the best impression: "It was a heavy discussion I had with Sandy Bullock. Let me tell you. It was no bullshit...this might be one of the greatest girls on the planet." Also in attendance: Jeff Probst: "He's a sexpert. Like a Dr. Phil type." Jessica Alba: "Jimmy sent me pictures of the party and I said there's a girl who's really hot. She looks like Jessica Alba. And it was Jessica Alba." Rick Rubin: "He's actually good-looking now that he lost weight. If he lost that beard, he'd actually be attractive. Like human."

Howard continued, listing Ellen Pompeo: "She's Gray on "Grays Anatomy." She's a cool chick." John Stamos: "With his gorgeous girl." JJ Abrams "I said, 'I love Fringe'...and he said, 'Yeah, you're the only one watching it.'" John Krasinski: "With his beautiful wife Emily [Blunt]...I got two seconds to talk to them. I felt bad." Mike Judge: "Who I just hail." Garry Schandling "I missed him. He showed up about an hour after I left." Adam Carolla: "Adam put on some weight." Jillian Barberie: "Ten minutes in, she falls into the pool. I don't know what's going on with her." Louis CK: "I sat on a couch for a really long time with Louis CK...he had a really great conversation. Talked for about a half-hour." George Clooney and his date, Stacy Keibler: "He wants me to come to Italy and be with him...he's like, 'Give me a date.' I should go. See what's doing with him and Stacy--in a bikini."

Howard went on for a while, listing almost everyone in LA, including Bob Iger, Al Michaels, Bob Harper, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, Justin Theroux, Jon Favreau, Will Arnett, Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell: "I felt very Hollywood. And I felt very good about myself." Howard said that the best thing about this list was Jimmy's claim that each and every one of the people at the party was a fan of The Howard Stern Show.