The Beetlejuice Answer Match Game

Late in the show, Howard gave a caller named Jason the chance to play the Beetlejucie Answer Match game, explaining that Beetlejuice had been asked the same question 5 minutes apart--Jason must guess whether Beet answered the same way or not. Before the game even started, Jason made a blanket prediction: "The answer's no. Final answer." Howard misfired the first question (because Gary misqueued the CD player), so that was a gimme. The rest, followed by Beet's answers: How many toes to do you have? 1. "I got two toes man." 2. "I got two toes!" Favorite place to vacation? 1. "Canada. I'll probably spend my vacation in Canada." 2. "Probably Florida." What is the President's name? 1. "Uh, Clinton." 2. "You can say Clinton and whatever." Do you have a favorite type of person? 1. "Chinese people...they don't get mad. If I saw something, like in Chinese, they don't get mad." 2. "I like Puerto Rican friends."