Courtney on Post-David Arquette Life

Howard repeated that he'd been distracted by Courteney's "bullshit" presence in the audience during David Arquette's "Dancing with the Stars" run. However, Courteney insisted it was a genuine show of support: "It was such a great family time for me and Coco to be watching her dad." Under further pressure, Courteney denied sleeping with any of her "Cougar Town" co-stars: "I'm holding to it. I'm not lying to you. I've not had a man since David." Asked to swear on Coco's life, Courteney balked ("That's pretty intense."), denying that she was even capable of a sexual connection: "I'm really not ready. I'm emotionally...I'm just not ready." Later, she amended the statement: "I'm not saying I'm not ready to have a make-out session, I'm just not ready to--I don't know. Let me meet the guy. … I have sexual feelings, [but] there's ways to deal with that."

How Courtney Met the New Girl

Howard wondered if Courteney had met David's new girlfriend, and Courteney said she had--despite her best efforts to avoid the situation. Explaining how they once crossed paths as David dropped off their daughter: "Coco was like, 'Mommy, mommy, mommy, meet Christina.'" Christa deadpanned that Christina and Coco must get along very well: "They're very close in age." Courteney insisted that her personal wealth really wasn't a factor in the divorce: "I didn't have Jennifer Aniston's career after 'Friends.' I wasn't in 95's a lot less than you think." While she and David did not have a pre-nup, they were in no rush to split everything down the middle: "We're not selling properties."