Martina Dances Like a Girl

March 20, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Martina Navratilova called in to promote the current season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Howard immediately registered a complaint: Martina should be dancing with a woman–not a man: “I think they’re doing the wrong thing by Martina.” Martina shrugged it off, claiming that it felt natural: “When I watch couples dance, I find myself watching the guy more than the woman. I don’t know why.” Martina said she also felt a genuine connection with her dance pro/partner, Tony Dovolani: “I think he’s hot as heck. He’s married and I’m in a relationship but all things are possible.” At the mention of Martina’s girlfriend, a former Miss Universe runner-up, Howard crowed that Martina was a true champion: “Martina can outplay you in tennis and the field of women.”