Scott Wants More Leg Room

Late in the show, Scott Salem explained why he was squeezing Shuli and Block Party promoters for extra travel expenses: "I need an aisle seat or something with a little more leg room. That's all I said." When they balked, Scott walked, saying he had to attend a cousin's wedding. Howard couldn't believe Scott would walk away: "I'm not saying, you're a millionaire from it but that's some good extra bread." Asked to name his cousin, Scott stumbled: "I have it written down at home. I have--I have a lot of cousins. It's on my father's side of the family, which is very numerous, ok?" Howard thought Scott was clearly bullshitting--and doubted his ability to entertain--so Shuli came in to explain why Scott was such a valuable stage presence: "I find myself staring at him, thinking, 'When is he going to do something?'"