Another Bathroom-Gate

Howard said someone had dropped a horrible smelling deuce in the staff bathroom after Wednesday's show--and asked that it stop: "The little bathroom should just be for peeing and washing up. Not shitting. … The little bathroom that we built is right here in the hall." Robin said she'd suffered firsthand: "I've run into a bomb in there." Gary came in with the key-card logs: "It was either Jason or Scott the Engineer." Gary read that he'd entered the bathroom at 11:32 and Benjy at 11:30: "I came in a minute and 40 seconds after Benjy." Both caught the stench. Before Benjy, the only suspects were Jason 11:27 and Scott the Engineer at 11:19: "So that would've given him 8 minutes to shit. My bet would be him."

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jason couldn't remember if he was guilty--but doubted he could do the deed in less than 3 minutes: "I've shit in the bathroom before. I have zero idea. I shit in there all the time!" Scott also denied all charges: "I'm not gonna swear on my son's life but I'll swear on my life." Howard reserved his doubts, so Scott promised to never be under suspicion again: "I will not shit, on a show day, in that bathroom."