Rush & Imus: Still Jackholes

 Photo: PRN / PR Photos

Howard noted that Don Imus had recently accused him of being a fair-weather Knicks fan, an allegation Howard dismissed outright, pointing to his widely-reported appearances at Knicks games over the years. Howard answered with charges of his own, laughing that Don should shutter his cancer ranch: "Helping kids? He shouldn't be anywhere near kids. And he knows why. And so do I. But I'm not going to bring that up. Not yet, anyway. … You haven't ever been relevant, you fool." Howard also attacked Rush Limbaugh for calling pro-choice activist Sandra Fluke a "slut": "He doesn't even know her. And what did she do wrong?" Robin knew the answer: "She actually used her constitutional rights and voiced her opinion." Howard couldn't understand Rush's point: "We want birth control! We want women to be able to prevent unwanted pregnancies." Howard aligned himself with Bill Clinton, who infamously hoped abortions be "safe, legal and rare."