Eric the Actor Has a Little Idea

March 6, 2012
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Actor called in to deny reports that he hadn’t recognized Tia Carrere on the set of “In Plain Sight”: “The only thing I didn’t know was that she’s part of the current season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ I knew who she was.” Howard said he’d seen the video–and the obvious look of disinterest on Eric’s mottled face: “But you act like you don’t. I mean, you just seem very distant.” Undaunted, Eric then proposed that he conduct red carpet interviews at the upcoming “Mirror Mirror” premiere, but Howard refused: “The problem with sending [Eric] to a premiere is that Eric is very very adamant about not asking offensive questions…and part of the funny aspect of going to the red carpet is getting someone to answer outrageous questions.”