Meet the Wack Pack Babies

Early in the show, Howard repeated his disgust with some of the Wack Packs' behavior at last week's "AGT" tapings--singling out Ass Napkin Ed: "You're annoying. I wouldn't have you at another taping." Ed didn't mind: "I wasn't there to see the show. I was there to see you. And if I was so bad, I would've been thrown out." Robin said producers would never have tossed one of Howard's personal guests ("They gave you latitude."), but Ed insisted he wasn't treated well enough: "I should've been up front with Beth." Jeff the Drunk called in to say he'd behaved himself ("I did not bother nobody."), so Howard shot back: "You bothered me. I didn't want to turn to my left and see Jeff the Drunk's ass crack while I'm working and trying to seem important." Referencing Ed's drunkenness and Jeff the Drunk's skidmarks, Howard said the pair behaved like babies: "Ed's got to be with his baby bottle and Jeff the Drunk's got to be wearing a diaper."