The Latest Voicemail From Richard's Dad

"Hi, Richard. This is your dad. We had some more excitement around here this morning. I was in the other room and all of a sudden your mom starts yelling, 'Where's the gun?' She run and got the gun and run outside and I said, 'What the hell's going on?" And one of the roosters--young rooster was in her flowers. Up in her flower box, scratchin'. She was gonna shoot it. She run out there with the pistol and it went under my car and she couldn't shoot it because there's a car." Cont'd: "So then after that, well, the rooster I needed to get rid of anyway 'cause it's a young one. He's tearing my hens up. You know how young--young cocks are. But anyway he's tearin' the hens up. Then later on today we had--we heard the dogs barking and went down there and they had a damn armadillo. We don't need them things around here. They tear up everything. The yard and everything. So I had to do something with it. We had all kinds of excitement today. Just--we'll talk to you later. Bye."