Eric the Midget Takes Broadcasting 101

Early in the show, Eric the Actor called in to counter claims that his 'AGT' wrap-up show was unlistenable: "Do I sit here and criticize your show?" Robin laughed ("Yes...?") as Howard called it "the worst show ever in the history of Eric's shows", pointing to Eric's co-host's loud typing: "How do you hear each other? … I can't even make out the first five words Eric said." Eric said he hoped to parlay his Stern show exposure into a guest-hosting gig opposite 'Live!' host Kelly Ripa, so Howard laughed: "On one level, I think you've got a shot. Because your chipper personality is perfect for a morning show." Howard repeated that Eric's ambition would be better served by quality engineering, and Robin agreed, pleading for Eric's only compulsory listener: "Remember, poor JD is listening."