'Evil Dave' Letterman Returns

'Evil Dave' Letterman returned to rattle off a few one-liners: 1. "I know Robin's just had surgery. Could I f' her scar?" 2. "Can you tell Sal to tone down his teeth? Stevie Wonder can see his choppers from Los Angeles." 3. "I voted for Obama once. To show black people I like them. But I'm afraid, if I vote for him again, it might look like I have a fetish." 4. "Tell Jenny McCarthy I'll call her kid. Now that I don't cheat on my wife, I'm looking for hobbies. I'd be willing to 'ski-pipe' with him." Howard laughed: "You mean Skype?" 5. "What does JD do on the Block Party? Stand there and get fatter?" On his way out, Dave said he'd hit it off with Will Murray before the show: "Where's your F' Room?"