JD Got Laid and Doesn't Know How

Early in the show, Ronnie reported that JD had gotten laid following on of this weekend's Block Party events: "Now you see why he loves coming out. See? He loves the Block Parties, man." Ronnie said JD seemed smitten after the encounter, telling Ronnie: "I may keep her around for a while." JD said he didn't even have to do much--she came right to his room: "It was very nice." JD denied being love ("It's a little too fast. I mean, I like her.") but admitted she certainly has Ronnie-approved assets: "I--is--I mean, she is--I--she says she doesn't get hit on a lot, but I don't know. Don't ask me. I don't know." Fred immediately jumped on the "I is"/"she is" stammer, stuttering a number of combinations, as Howard laughed hysterically: "What do you say to these girls?"