Joan Rivers is Still Angry at 79

Joan Rivers stopped by to promote her new book, 'I Hate Everyone...Starting With Me', and hopelessly scanned the studio for Robin: "That bitch has lost so much weight." Asked her age, Joan fessed up--she's 79: "I'm in perfect health. That's the joke. And everyone around me is dropping dead." And Joan's stepping over their bodies, as confident as she is healthy: "I think I'm the best stand-up alive." Joan said E! asked her to stop talking about Chelsea Handler after Joan trashed her in January: "They told both of us. And I think that was really smart. … They said, 'Please stop it.' They're lovely at E!" Later, at the network's Upfronts, Chelsea paid Joan some respect: "She said something very nice about me at the podium. … [And] E! wants it to look like we're a happy family. I don't need another feud."

Joan's On Pot

Joan said she'd recently begun smoking pot but couldn't get her daughter, Melissa, to join her: "She's wrong. I think we'd have a good time." Joan only needed a few puffs: "It didn't take that much because I hadn't done it in 40 years. … I just laugh and laugh and laugh. Everything strikes me as funny."

Her Night With Robert Mitchum

Howard asked Joan about reports that she'd once slept with Robert Mitchum--and laughed at Joan's visible excitement: "You don't light up like this when I mention Edgar!" Joan shrugged: "Well, Edgar I was married to. Robert Mitchum was a one-night stand." She was actually married to Edgar--and a young mother--on the night in question, not that those commitments ever could've stopped her: "I would've given Edgar the house. I would've given him Melissa!"