Jon Hein is the Real Homer

Early in the show, Sam Simon called in to complain about Jon Hein's new Destination America series, 'Fast Food Mania', saying it promoted obesity--but Jon disagreed: "I understand what Sam's saying, but to blame obesity on the fact that these places--no one's forcing you to go there. No one's forcing you to eat the food. That's your choice. … I realize I'm not making the healthiest choice, but it's my choice to make." Howard thought Jon was right: "The fun is watching a guy kill himself." Sam shrugged that 'The Simpsons' had already explored that fun a million times--when he wrote for the show, Homer's appetite and size were an anomaly. But now, Homer falls right in with the obese national average: "It was supposed to be a joke that he loved this food. He was supposed to be a moron for doing it."