An Oscar For Beetle?

Beetlejuice stopped by to promote a film he'd made with Sal and Ron Jeremy, a slasher b-movie titled 'Girls Gone Dead', and claimed responsibility for its success: "I'm the director of all of it." Asked how he'd deal with Benjy's tardiness, Beet shrugged: "Benjy is f***ing lazy all the time. He gets up at like 5 o'clock in the afternoon." Beet said he'd recently moved to Georgia to live with his mother: "I got a sister but she died 2 years ago. She died before she died." Howard was shocked--Beet's sister had been on the show before--and wondered if Beet was making some kind of moral or religious statement. Beet denied it: "I'm not Christian. I am a Jewish guy. I was born Jewish." Bobby, Beet's handler, came in to explain: "The sister that you met didn't die, Howard. The other sister died."

The Tooth Fairy? Beet Banged Her

Howard noted that Beet had lost a few more teeth, and Beet nodded: "I lost a couple. It's all right. … It's not hard to eat. I can eat pizza. I can eat anything. I can chew on anything, dude." Asked if he was still visited by Tooth Fairy, Beet winked: "Every single day."

Beetle Takes the Money and Leaves

Beet said he recently gotten laid "coupla times", so Bobby explained that they were prostitutes: "Cost me a lot of money. I usually don't meet her until after he's done his thing and not paid her. And that's when I meet her--when she's flipping out, looking to get paid." Beet said Bobby had it right: "Then I flip out. You know that. I'll take the money and leave."