Howard Weighs in on Aurora

Early in the show, Howard blamed the Aurora, CO shooting--at least in part--on the availability of assault weapons: "The NRA is too powerful. Now, I'm a gun owner...[but] there's a huge amount of guys who hunt who are super afraid that their hunting is going to be taken away from them. Like, their guns are their whole life." This coming from gun owner: "I'm not an anti-gun guy. But there's nothing on this planet that says to me that it makes sense for jerkoffs to be able to get assault weapons through the mail." Howard came down hard on Obama, who showed up in Colorado soon after the shooting--but only to console victims: "You're there as the President of the United States. [You] can affect policy." Howard also thought Warner Brothers was wrong to cancel 'The Dark Knight Rises' premiere (the shooting took place during a midnight screening) in Paris: "You're going to let one guy have that much power? You see, I come from a different place. Screw this guy. Have the premiere. ... I wish the cops would've killed him."