Poopgate: Tim Sabean's Bathroom Blowout Finally Scrubbed Cleaned

Jon Leiberman tells Howard it took a two-person crew to clean up the mess

Early in the show, Howard said the Poopgate scandal had devastated Tim "The Bathroom Bandit" Sabean--not that Howard cared: "He left it there so of course he's going to get ridiculed … If you shit where we all shit and you shit all over the wall, what do you expect? People are going to talk about it."

Gary said Tim contracted a professional cleaning crew yesterday: "Jon Leiberman's telling me it was a two-person crew."

Jon then came in with the staff bathroom report: "We have confirmed a two-person crew went in there and spent the better part of 25 minutes or so cleaning up, sanitizing--and we just did an inspection this morning. It's spotless."