Richie Wilson's Wedding Invites

Howard was handed a list of staffers not invited to Richie Wilson's wedding, including Gary Dell'Abate, Will Murray and Steve Brandano--most everyone else was invited: "Even Jason." Richie came in to amend: "You forgot Lisa G. She's off. … Would you want her at yours?" Further, Richie explained that he wasn't invited to Will's wedding and hadn't ever socialized with Steve. As for Gary, Richie said it was "not a feud. We're very cordial to each other in the workplace. We're respectful." Pressed for his reasons, Richie said Gary had "taken shots" at him in the past: "I think he's gotten arrogant in the last few years. I think he's developed a little bit of an ego." Gary expressed regret, as he's noticed a recent improvement in their relationship--to Richie's credit: "I don't think I've changed. I think you've changed."