Dale Yeager, Criminal Behaviorist

Dale Yeager, a veteran criminal behavior analyst, stopped by to promote his book, '3 Myths About Bullying', and read the criminal profiles he'd assembled on a few staffers: "Profiling is one thing I do. I teach for the justice department. … I train law enforcement in advanced interrogation." Dale said the key to any interrogation is befriending your subject: "You want to make them your friend. There is no good cop-bad cop." Dale said his most successful criminal profile was one of JonBenet Ramsey's mother, Patsy. Investigators used the profile to interview Patsy: "I wrote questions to make her angry." Dale focused the questions on Jesus and forgiveness--a gambit that paid off in spades: "She threw a chair. … In my personal opinion, the evidence is very clear that Patsy killed her daughter."