If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

Chuck Zito stopped by to promote his role on the new season of 'Sons of Anarchy,' which surprised Howard: "You were suing them!" Chuck said he'd dropped the case, but repeated his original claim: "In 2004, I gave them my idea, my story." A year later, the show's producers wouldn't even take a meeting with Chuck, because they were now developing a motorcycle series. After a judge threw out Chuck's case, 'Sons of Anarchy' creator/showrunner Kurt Sutter asked to meet him without lawyers present: "My reaction was, 'Great. What alley does he want to meet me in?'" But cooler heads prevailed--Kurt offered Chuck a huge role in the show's new season: he now co-stars as 'Frankie Diamonds', a flashy New York nomad joining the SAMCRO chapter.

On a reported $2 million net worth: "I [recently] came home to no electricity and no gas in my house. So am I making $2 million? Get the f' out of here. I'm not broke, but..." On his regrettably fractured family: "I've got two grandsons and they don't even know who I am." On joining the Social Network generation: "My finger hits three keys at one time." On his very-active sex life: "I was banging this girl like all night. We leave the hotel--we leave the room and the next thing I hear, [from] the room next to me, like four people came out--two guys and two girls--and start clapping." On domestic violence: "It's never OK to hit a woman. I hear horror stories every day."