JD Got Laid In LA

Asked if he'd gotten laid over the weekend, JD said he'd had some success in LA ("I guess. Yeah.") but didn't want to discuss it: "Listen, I don't want to get into who--there were a lot of cameras around and stuff and I don't--I don't need--need anything." In typical fashion, JD went on: "I don't know. It's whatever. It can be, uh...ah no I mean th-this is no I mean no eh ah no I mean no one there's--there's nothing like serious going on so far."

Pressed further, JD denied talking during sex ("I think the girl actually talked a little more.") but claimed he couldn't remember what she'd said. Shuli laughed: "I picture a chick, after banging JD, pulling the fire alarm so she can blend in with the crowd and escape." JD countered that he wasn't looking for anything long term: "It's been a while since I haven't worn a rubber."