Howard Gets to the Bottom of Tim Sabean's Bizarre Behavior

Sparked by a recent New York Post article about Tim Sabean detoxing with Dr. Ronni and, in Tim's words, "Coach Woodson from the Knicks," Howard asked for other reports on Tim's bizarre behavior. Gary came in with a list, pausing after each item so Tim could defend himself: Bear-hugging Betty White in the lobby: "She hugged me. She came [and] approached me. … People love me!" Asking Quentin Tarantino the following: "How do you find scripts? Do you write them?" Tim claimed he knew the answer--he was just making small talk--but Howard wished he'd rather not ask in the first place: "You don't need to be talking to anybody." Walking around the office with ice skates under his arm: "Because I was going to get them sharpened. I wouldn't be [fat] if I was skating!" Refusing to take part in a staff spelling bee--a charge Tim readily admitted to. Put to the test, Tim nailed "patience" but spelled "whirlwind" without the L.