Howard's Inaugural Poem

Early in the show, Howard said he'd watched President Obama's second inauguration yesterday--and loved Michelle's new look: "The bangs! I like them. … It was great to--I mean, [on] Martin Luther King Day, to see a black President? And all those white guys behind him? It was really mind-blowing. I didn't think I'd see that in my lifetime. I really didn't." After listening to the boring inaugural poems read by James Franco and Richard Blanco, Howard improvised his own: "The President placed his hand on two Bibles:

I, Barack Hussein Obama,
do solemnly swear...
The President places his hand on two Bibles--
not three.
Abraham Lincoln, as he did,
first inaugurations,
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
Obama, Martin Luther King Day,
marking the national holiday.
Slain civil rights leader,
first black President,
Jay-Z, Beyonce,
Jamie Foxx.
Yes, proud."